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KPS White Super-Soft Sheep Wool Thermo-Acoustic Mat

               --------Mythology of thermo-acoustic material

When we used to traditional rock wool, glass wool thermo-acoustic material which are difficult to handle, cause skin irritation and respiratory tract allergy; when we do not know very high smoke density and fatal smoke toxicity in the fire of the foam thermal insulation materials; when we ignore the forever and stable formaldehyde released by rock wool and glass wool, KPS company develop one kind of natural white super-soft sheep wool thermo-acoustic mat specially suitable for family decoration.

According to the quality continuously improvement of eco-friendly home decoration market, KPS select white wool as raw materials, make use of international patent production technology, and produced white natural super-soft sheep wool thermo-acoustic mat. It completely subverts people’s impression of traditional rock wool, glass wool material just from the appearance and feel sense of KPS wool thermo-acoustic product, at the same time, this mat also has high safety (smoke density is only 1/5 of the organic material, non-toxic gases), good eco-friendly property, and do not release any VOCs including formaldehyde. At the same time, the R value of this product is very high 1.25 (㎡.k/W) with 50mm thickness, fairly acoustic performance with NRC 0.85 of 50mm thickness mat.

This product is particularly used in the home decoration and thermal insulation and noise control project because of its special eco-friendly and safety property, and can also be widely applied these places as follows, inner filled material in the partition wall, on the roof for thermo-acoustic, home theatre, meeting room, villas ,GYM, studio etc.


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