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What’s the application of KPS wool cotton?

KPS wool thermal insulation cotton, wool thermal insulation tube, wool decoration sound absorption panel, wool ceiling and other series products have excellent performances in thermal insulation, sound absorption, inflaming retarding, moth resistance, water discharge and etc., which are innocuity, no stimulation and recyclable. It fills the gap of thermal insulation and sound absorption materials of functions and environment protection,it  is widely used in subway, hospital, workshop, cinema, airport, office complex, shopping mall, sports hall, hotel and other places.It covers the following fields:
1 Roof wool thermal insulation· heat preservation · sound absorption felt
2 HAVC wool heat preservation felt of sheet iron
3 Wool heat preservation shell of tube system
4 wool  sound absorption filling cotton
5 Indoor decorative sound absorption board
6 Felted wool sound absorption ceiling
7 Wool abnormity sound absorption boardy
8 Wool fabric decorative acoustic board